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Han-generation cards mini washing machine - lifestyle leader

Author:Cixi City KEYI Electric Co.,Ltd.Add Time:2014/1/13 11:04:09

    Korean star - ep Favorites: Han -generation cards mini washing machines, sophisticated look , complete functions to make your life more comfortable, more convenient , more taste .
    Korean-style design , small and exquisite appearance, powerful cleaning ability . All designs have followed the Korean brand's philosophy on behalf of "fashion , environmental protection , health, fine ."
    Stylish appliances, Korea on behalf of the manufacturer ! Fashion transparent material, so that you can enjoy dancing clothes in the barrel Timmia original laundry is also a wonderful process. Light and compact size, easy to carry mobile , on the balcony , in the bathroom , in the kitchen .... any corner you are free to use her laundry, anytime you call the shots !
    Energy-saving appliances , Korea on behalf of the manufacturer ! Conservation of water resources on behalf of the Korean people 's mission , in the era of Earth's water resources are depleted , everyone has a responsibility to protect water resources , water conservation, water pollution prohibition is our responsibility. Design Institute of Korea on behalf of mini washing machines, resolved as underwear, baby clothes , shirts , skirts and other small pieces of clothes in the washing machine drum automatic washing machines or large amounts of water, electricity, cleaning agents waste of resources to avoid the water pollution and other issues.
    Health appliances , Korea on behalf of the manufacturer ! The baby's health is most concerned about the mother , the baby 's immunity is weak, vulnerable to bacterial infection chlamydia , so in developed countries 10 years ago began a washing revolution - "Home of wash ." The baby clothes alone mini washing machine , clothes washing and adults separately to avoid bacterial infection. Amy loves healthy women underwear washed separately to avoid bacterial infection , can also play to avoid staining other clothes hanging wool underwear , hands on finger wear clothes .
    Han -generation follow-up research and development products : eluting one machine, sterilization washing machine , detergent free washing machines and so a series of new products will be listed to provide refined products to users worldwide , is South Korea on behalf of the Group of lifelong pursuit.
    A better life , Korea on behalf of the creation !